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The Baddour Center provides superior fulfillment services for a number of marketing promotions at FedEx. The new customer Welcome Kit is especially important because it provides to customers essential customized information about their new account. Baddour coordinates production for this kit with accuracy and precision to ensure that our customers receive the kit that has been personalized to their needs. Last year, the FedEx Welcome Kit underwent a major redesign which impacted Baddour by significantly increasing their workload. The Baddour Center was able to handle this increase with ease and at a competitive cost. In addition, their attention to quality and excellent customer service makes them a valuable supplier to FedEx.

Gayle M. Christensen
Managing Director
Global Brand Management

American Snuff Company

American Snuff Company has had a relationship with The Baddour Center for over 30 years. I personally have been involved with The Center for over 25 years. During my years of working with contract packagers for various promotional packages for our products, I have never met a more dedicated and professional group of people than those with The Baddour Center. The Baddour Center has consistently delivered our products on time, competitively priced and, most importantly, with the highest level of quality that we expect. I have to admit that our relationship goes beyond packaging promotional products. We view what The Baddour Center does for the community is similar to the way American Snuff Company operates its plants and that is with a passion for what you do and that your entire organization seems like a large family. I hope that as both of our organizations continue to grow that we will have a partnership forever.

Clay Myers
Director of Procurement

Hamilton Beach Brands, Proctor Silex, Inc.

The Baddour Center responded to our needs in a very organized and professional manner. Their associates completed our project in a timely manner in full compliance to our customer's expectations. Pick-ups and deliveries were on time as scheduled. Hamilton Beach was very pleased with the courteous and professional manner exhibited by all their staff. We look forward to working on future projects with the Baddour Center Team.

Maria E. Fipps
VASR Coordinator

B & M Printing Company

As president of B&M printing company for the last 15 years, we have established many relationships based on doing what other printers would not or could not do in the time frame some of our accounts required. Our philosophy was not turning down work, regardless of how difficult. However, even with a 24 hour, 7 days operation, this would not have been possible without partners like The Baddour Center. They made it their business to know our business and could pick up the work, complete the job and deliver directly to the customer. I could usually go over the job on the phone, send a sample of the work required with instructions. On one occasion, some of our supervisors went to the center to work with them on a very large and very important job. They returned with a greater degree of confidence that we were in good hands with Baddour. We also found them to be very competitive and very reliable. They will continue to be a part of our team when we need extra help on meeting deadlines.

Ron McKinney

Kindness Revolution by Ed Horrell

ED HORRELL has been writing and consulting on customer service issues for over 20 years. He is the host of the syndicated Talk About Service radio show and podcast. A popular speaker, he addresses more than 120 audiences a year. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

Kindness Revolution quote from preface page xii... During this quest, it became clear to me that there was something that drove certain companies to provide exceptional and compassionate customer service. Many were clearly head and shoulders above the others. They include L.L. Bean, Chick-fil-A, Nordstrom, Mrs. Fields, St. Jude Children's Research Center, The Ritz-Carlton, FedEx, and an outsource company to FedEx - the inspiring Baddour Center...

Kindness Revolution quote from Chapter 9 page 102... I have been speaking and writing on customer service for years, have been involved in consulting projects that involved customer loyalty and retention. I'm going to tell you right now that I have never encountered a place where the basic concepts of customer service, the underlying principles, are so inherently practiced as at the Baddour Center. If you need to 'fix' your customer service operations, you need to go there with a bucket and bring back everything you can in the way of attitude, pride, and trust.