Disability Employment Awareness

Did you know that one in five Americans is affected by a disability? People with disabilities make up 18.7% of the working age population, yet almost 70% of those are unemployed.
This year – 2020 – marks the 75th observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). NDEAM is celebrated in October of each year with an annual theme and a range of activities centered around people with disabilities in the workforce and those interested in obtaining a job. The theme this year is “Increasing Access and Opportunity”.

At The Baddour Center, we celebrate every single day the opportunities given to residents that allow them to work in meaningful employment – from packaging products and nurturing plants to clerical and barista duties. Though most of the resident employment is on-campus, we are proud of the several residents who have obtained jobs in the community – known in our world as “competitive employment.”

This October, we are shinning a spotlight on educating disability employment issues and celebrating the many and varied contributions of workers with disabilities.

If you or someone you know would like more information on National Disability Employment Awareness Month, please contact Magda Todd, Manager of Resident Employment at The Baddour Center by phone at 662-366-6909 or by email

Worker at Baddour Custom Packaging Worker at Baddour Custom Packaging  Baddour Center Staff Member

For more information about disability employment and how you can help spread awareness, please visit: